Bella Vista Church of Christ





Always Faithful


  Pompeii was destroyed in 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted. The town was instantly covered with volcanic ash, pumice, and molten lava. It is thought that some eleven thousand people occupied the city at the time of the eruption.


  Pliny the Younger witnessed the devastation from a distance and described it in his writing.


  It was in 1599 that the ruins were initially discovered, and then a much broader rediscovery occurred in 1748.


  The eruption had been so quick, so intense, that people had no time to escape. Objects found beneath the ash were so well preserved that everything remained just as it was. When plaster was poured into the vacant spaces that once occupied bodies, one could tell what they were doing at the time destruction came. Some were in the streets running as if they were attempting to escape. Some were found in deep vaults, as if seeking security. Others were found in lofty places, as if trying to get above the lava flow. But because the ash and pumice was 25 meters deep, nothing escaped.


  It's interesting to note that a Roman Sentinel was found standing at the city gate where he had been placed by his captain, with his hand still grasping his war weapon.


  He stood firm while the heavens threatened, faithful while the earth shook beneath his feet, loyal while lava streams rolled; steadfast for a thousand years...


  May we as Children of God be found so faithful, standing firm where our Captain placed us.