Bella Vista Church of Christ



Randall Caselman


Striving For A Healthy Heart


  Christianity Is a Heart Condition! A spiritual EKG should reveal that condition. What is our attitude? Do we really care about God? About people? Are we concerned about the least, the last, and the lost? Our heart condition is set by our attitudes. The Law of Moses had a lot to say about our behavior, what we did and said. On the other hand, Jesus seemed to be a lot more concerned with what we think, our attitude and motive. Jesus taught that what we said and did was a reflection of our attitude. "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he" Proverbs 23.7.


  Attitudes Have Direction. Christianity is a religion of the heart. God wants our heart. There are two directions involved in an EKG. Our attitudes are to be bidirectional, vertical and horizontal.Vertically, we need a proper attitude toward God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, theWord, etc. If our attitude is not correct here, we have a bad heart, spiritually.


  The horizontal direction represents our attitude toward others: Our spouse, children, neighbor, working companions, the brotherhood of believers, and my earthly possessions. If my horizontal attitude is not right, then my heart is not healthy.


  The Jesus Heart. His EKG was perfect. The first commandment was vertical, "to be about His Father'sbusiness," "to love God with everything He was, and had: " "All His heart, mind, strength, and soul." Jesus understood the horizontal relationship was to "love His neighbor as Himself."  Jesus is our example! As long as we have the attitude of love and obedience toward God, compassion and love toward our fellowman, we have a Jesus Heart. Our heart is right!


  Our Spiritual EKG. When we honestly compare the condition of our heart with the heart of Jesus, is there any likeness at all? What is my attitude toward God, Christ, the Spirit, toward His Word? Like Jesus, am I compassionate? Am I placing the interests of others before that of my own?


  Here it is church: Are we willing to sing,"Have thine own way Lord?" Are we willing to place our heart in the hands of the Great Physician? Is my career in His hands? Have I placed my children, my marriage, yes even my religion in His care? Do I understand that my entire life must be lived by His measurements? Or, are we living by a worldly standard?