Bella Vista Church of Christ



Allan Cochran



Appreciates A Whiner


 At the funeral of Jesse Dale Young on December 4th, at the Comanche Trail Church of Christ in Amarillo, three of his six sons spoke briefly about their Dad.


 Larry, the oldest and a veterinarian in the Artesia, New Mexico, area serves as an Elder in the Hermosa Street Congregation in Artesia. He related that his father, Dale, was a busy CPA for over forty years and an Elder at Comanche Trail for many years as well, but had times when his sons had a problem/complaint/irritation troubling them.


 Larry said his Dad would carefully and sympathetically listen to their recitation of the issue, not speaking until they had finished telling him the complaint. He would then ask, "What's your plan?" If they had a plan, he would review it with them, suggesting tweaks or changes for them to consider. If they had no plan (the usual circumstance), he would say, "If you have no plan, you are just whining, and nobody appreciates a whiner."


—Allan Cochran

    Elder, Center Street,

    Fayetteville AR