Bella Vista Church of Christ



Charles Cash




  In the Canadian Rockies is a stream called Divide Creek. At a point in its course the creek divides around a large boulder. Waters which flow to the left of the boulder rush on into Kicking Horse River and finally into the Pacific Ocean. Waters which travel to the right of the boulder flow into the Bow River which courses into the Saskatchewan River, on into Lake Winnipeg, the Nelson River, Hudson Bay and into the Atlantic Ocean. Once the waters divide at the rock, there is no turning back.


  How like life this is! Decisions are made daily. Life has been described as a series of decisions, or the sum-total of our decisions. Christian living is a series of decisions leading toward the destination of our soul–heaven. Some decisions are easy, of little consequence and just don’t matter that much because they are not spiritual. Others are very difficult, complicated, with far-reaching results. What we wouldn’t give sometimes to have an opportunity to make a certain decision again. Hindsight is often better than foresight, but we don’t live our lives backward, rather forward. There are immediate values and there are ultimate values. It would serve us all well if we would always take the long-range view when making decisions. Where would this decision ultimately lead us, to what end?


  William James, the noted psychologist, once said: “When you have to make a choice and don’t make it; that is in itself a choice.”


  In his play, “Julius Caesar,” Shakespeare puts into the mouth of Brutus these lines: “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in the shallows and in miseries.” This holds true in the case of nations, churches and individuals. Whether we will it or not, life is interspersed with imperative hours of decision and moments pregnant with un-dreamed-of opportunities. According to Numbers 13 and 14, the nation of Israel stood at an unprecedented moment of destiny in the Desert of Paran over against the bountiful promised land of Canaan. As you already know, they blew it and wandered in the wilderness for forty years.


  I truly believe the church in Bella Vista stands at a crossroads, that it stands at a moment of destiny that calls for visionary planning and work. Christ said to the church in Philadelphia, “I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.” (Revelation 3: 8) I believe He has done the same for the church in Bella Vista. God continues to add energetic and talented people to our already extremely talented church family. We have the talent, the money, and the expertise to do great things for the Lord in northwest Arkansas. And most important to our success, we have the love in our fellowship to implement the whole process. The old adage is just as true today as it ever was, “Plan the work; then work the plan.” When people fail to walk through the door of opportunity and reap from the Lord what He has promised, some sort of wilderness journey usually follows.


  Fear of making a wrong choice can sometimes cause us to procrastinate until the decision is made for us. We feel like the experienced paratrooper who was asked how many jumps he had to his credit. “Twenty-five” was his reply. But then he added rather sheepishly, “Really only one. The other twenty-four I had to be pushed.”


  As far as the individual is concerned, there is no decision as important as the ultimate decision made by Joshua and his household: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15) As with Joshua and his family, the decision is yours.


  The Bible’s demand is something every person must face; its offer is something which every person must accept or reject.


  Someone once wrote: “My basic principle is that you don’t make decisions because they are easy; you don’t make them because they are cheap; you don’t make them because they’re popular; you make them because they are right.”


  Remember, you will make many decisions, but only one commitment upon which all your decisions are to be based.