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Do Not Murmur Or Complain

The Greek word for "murmur" is gonguzo. It means to grumble and complain, especially when we feel that we have a legal claim that is being ignored. The world basically says, "I deserve better than this!"

The Israelites in the wilderness, "murmured and complained:" About their food, both the kind and the lack of it; they murmured against their leaders, Moses and Aaron; they murmured against God. They thought they had a legal claim and God was somehow failing them; that they deserved better than this!

A similar pattern can be traced in the New Testament, in John chapter six. The crowd murmurs about Jesus in verse 41. Jesus addresses their continual grumbling in verses 43 and 61. Then in verse 66, "many of His disciples turned back and no longer followed Him." It appears that murmuring, grumbling, complaining is a significant first step in parting company with God.

The New Testament teaches us that, as Christians, "to do all thing without murmuring and complaining" Philippians 2.14. Indeed, if we could avoid such behavior, we would stand out as God's children –distinctly different from the depraved world.

Why? Why have we come to such a time in our country were we feel justified, even comfortable, in our grumbling and complaining?

• Has the internet encouraged this?

• Has our sense of entitlement promoted it?

• Has everyone been appointed a critic-in-chief?

Whatever the reason, we must be careful!! Let us remember how Jude sixteen describes ungodly sinners: "these men are grumblers and faultfinders; they boast about themselves and flatter others for their own advantage."

—Adapted from article by Kenny Boles

Joplin, MO


Our Murmuring

is Music to the Devil's Ears!