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Randall Caselman


"Seek Peace and Pursue it"


  This came in my email, and I have no idea the last name of the author, but she has some things to say that each of us need to hear...


  If you’re anything like me, life has been chaotic lately. I’m a working mom and wife. Nothing is ever calm and orderly when you find yourself in that scenario. And then there’s church, Life Group, extended family, and friends. Oh, and trying to fit exercise in? Ha!


  Every day, I find myself wondering how I can magically add more hours to the day. And recently, the stress has been getting to me. There are nights where my mind is racing and I can’t get it to turn off.


  Have you ever been there?


  How do we get peace in the middle of the craziness of life? Does it require a trip to a spa or an overnight cabin in the woods? Or can peace be discovered on a daily basis, even when we don’t have access to a deep tissue massage or a babbling brook in the mountains?


Psalm 34:14 (NIV) says,


  “Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”

  This verse tells us that we have to pursue peace. It doesn’t just fall in our laps. It doesn’t come through one prayer in the morning or five minutes of yoga.


  It’s a continual pursuit. Kind of like when you’re in love and spend every waking moment pursuing information about that person—his favorite kind of music, her favorite flowers, etc.


So how do we get peace?


  For me, I have found that that pursuit of peace looks like listening to worship music in my car, taking a moment to pray in the middle of a stressful work situation, and going for a walk after dinner to enjoy the beauty of God’s nature.


  Lucky for you, if you call yourself a Christ follower, then you are already connected to the One who is peace. In Isaiah 9.6, Jesus is called the Prince of Peace. In Him is all of the calm you need in the midst of the storm.


  Speaking of calm in the storm, I’m reminded of when He literally did just that—He calmed the storm. In Mark 4:35-39 we find Jesus and His disciples on a boat in the middle of a treacherous storm. The disciples, who still had plenty of room for spiritual growth, frantically woke Jesus up from His nap, asking, “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?”


  This question from the disciples sounds like a lot of us, doesn’t it? We’re so busy with life that we often feel like we’re drowning. But the good news is, Jesus does care if you drown. And He won’t let you. You can come to Him with your overwhelmed, overworked, tired self, and He will fill you with peace.


  And just like He settled the storm in Mark chapter four, He will speak to the waves crashing in your world and say, “Quiet! Be still!”


  Seek peace and pursue it today. Do one thing today to pursue peace. There are many Bible Plans on peace—why not start one? Or set a reminder on your phone to pray at a certain time today. Seek the One who is Peace. It will make all the difference in your busy life.


  Peace to you,