Bella Vista Church of Christ



Randall Caselman


It Should Happen In Church


  Ever notice the signs in and around church buildings? I remember a pulpit sign: "Sir, we would see Jesus." One would feel uncomfortable preaching anything except Jesus from that pulpit. Another read: "Do not remove this Bible from this podium." The Bible must not be chained to the pulpit, but rather lived-out in the lives of our people. A sign over a clock in the back of an auditorium read: "Remember Lot’s wife." Perhaps you've seen this sign in the foyer of our churches,"Enter to Worship, Depart to Serve." Indeed, Sunday worship should have everything to do with who and what we are Monday through Saturday, Amen?


  You recall Isaiah's coming to the Temple (Church). There he saw God. At the end of this experience he said? "Here am I, send me." Wow! What did Isaiah see that made him so willing to be used of God?


• He saw God on His throne, in control.

• His robe, His glory, and presence, filled the room. I believe this tells us there's not one nuance of life that God does not fill. He is omniscient and omnipresent.

• Isaiah sees the Holiness of God. Holy, holy, holy.

• Isaiah sees himself as he really is, a sinner in need of God’s grace. "Woe is me! I'm unclean in your eyes."


  Worship is about seeing God. When we see Him for who He really is, something happens within us. It did to Isaiah, and in genuine spirit and truth worship, it will happen to us. When we see God for who He really is...


• It causes us to humble ourselves.

• It causes us to turn all of life over to Him. Causes us to live as we sing: "All to Jesus I surrender."


  When we do, like Isaiah, "we'll receive grace and mercy to help in our time of need." Like Isaiah, we obtain forgiveness of our sins, strength, enablement, empowerment, to accomplish the task, the ministry, God places before us. That’s what we need! Amen?


  Recall how old rechargeable batteries kept getting weaker with each recharging; and they never stayed charged as long? They had a built in memory. It was inherent in the way they were made. If you recharged them without completely discharging them, they started to work from that point and would never be as strong as long as when new.


  So, our faith challenge becomes, enter to worship, depart to serve; enter to recharge, depart to serve. Listen, if we come to church and leave unfulfilled, (Charged), we either do not see God as He is, or we failed to see ourselves as we really are, sinners in need of forgiveness and salvation, Amen?