Bella Vista Church of Christ



Dave Kidd


Better Understanding God's Goodness


“Why do you call me good?”

“No-one is good--except God alone. "



  I went to the hospital to be with my mother. When I arrived at her bedside, I placed my hand on her forehead and grasped her hand... she welcomed my cold hand on her warm forehead. I was more than willing to do whatever I could to make her more comfortable; however, what she said to me was unexpected.


  She opened one eye, focused it on me and told me that I had always been a good son. While I talked with her, prayed for and with her, I couldn't block out the memories of those times in my life when I would not have considered myself a good son. Apparently, the definition of good is highly subjective –At least, between my mother and me.


  As I sat and watched her sleep, I wondered if I had experienced a small glimpse into how God views us as His blood-bought and covered children. Even with all my faults and failings, my mother still loves me and called me a good son. Why? It is because she paid a price for me, investing a large portion of her life into me, and she looks at me through the lens of that price paid.


  It's the same for God. He looks at every born-again believer and sees the price He paid and the covering that he bought with the blood of His One and Only Son. Even when we do not consider ourselves good, if we are faithful we will one day hear Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant" (Matthew 25.21).


  I do not remember having a clearer earthly representation of God's love for me than I had that day at my mother's bedside. I left the hospital with the warmth of both God's and my mother's love in my spirit.


  Indeed! God is good.



   Canton, Ohio