Bella Vista Church of Christ



Steve Higginbotham

Knoxville, TN


Where Have All

The Weeping Prophets Gone?


  Jeremiah has the distinction of being dubbed, “The Weeping Prophet.” The reason for such a designation is because Jeremiah prophesied during some very sad times. Jeremiah illustrated the times as “death climbing through a window to take away the inhabitants of the house” (Jeremiah 9:21). What God showed Jeremiah was so disturbing that Jeremiah said, “Oh, that my head were waters, and my eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night…” (Jeremiah 9:1). In short, Jeremiah wept because of sin and its consequences.


  The question I keep asking myself today is,“Where have all the weeping prophets gone?” Oh, I still hear and read a lot of condemnation of sin, but I see no tears accompanying the condemnations. On social media, I see how loudly and widely some condemn others for a variety of matters, yet I see no tears.


  Where have all the weeping prophets gone? Where are the men who both, love truth and are heartbroken and brought to tears by error? This is the kind of preaching we desperately need today. 


  I grow weary of the harsh, vitriolic, sarcastic condemnation offered up by some brethren. I grow tired of the “one-upmanship” I see in religious discussions. I grow weary of truth and error being treated as a mere battle of wits or a game of “gotcha.”


  Brethren, we don’t need preachers who thrive on conflict and who seem to take pleasure in exposing flaws. We need more “weeping prophets;” men who resolutely stand for the truth, oppose error, and who are heartbroken by the consequences of sin.


  If you’re looking for a role model, don’t settle on the loudest voice condemning sin, rather, find someone who loves the truth, hates sin, and is broken by the consequences of sin. That’s the person who will help direct you to the heart of God.


—Steve Higginbotham

    Knoxville, TN