Bella Vista Church of Christ



Randall Caselman


Making A Difference With Kindness

Listen, kindness is the key to better understanding one another, right? We all respond to compassion. What a different world this would be if kindness was the order of the day. God knew that, so we find these admonitions given to His people: “Be ye kind one to another, tender hearted, forgiving each other as God also forgives you.” “Put on a heart of compassion, kindness, lowliness, meekness, patience..”

• Kindness never raises its voice.

• Kindness is sweet, gentle, and courteous.

• Kindness always has a smile.

• Kindness demonstrates concern.

• Kindness is sympathetic.

• Kindness is benevolent.

• Kindness does the unexpected and the unsolicited.

• Kindness keeps secrets, protects reputations.

• Kindness wards off bitterness, harshness and hatred.

• Kindness never speaks all of its mind.

• Kindness protects others from embarrassment.

• Kindness sounds the note of appreciation.

• Kindness brings out, points out, the best in others.

• Kindness is always dressed in humility.


Why Should We Be Kind?...

Because He is Kind. Peter declares the purpose of revealed religion is to bring us to the character of God: “Thou art ready to pardon... Gracious, merciful, slow to anger, abundant in loving kindness.” We see God's kindness in His love of humankind, in redemption's sweet song, in the cross, and in the joys of heaven.

Kindness Brings Joy. Happiness is not found in our abundance of things! Love, joy, peace, contentment, fulfillment, are in the realm of the heart, not the realm of the material.

• There are no happy haters,

• No happy grouches,

• Arrogance does not bring happiness,

• Selfish folk do not find fulfillment.

Read the beatitudes in Matthew chapter five! These people are blessed, joyous, content, and at peace because they are: Poor in spirit, those who mourn their sins, the meek, those who hunger and thirst for right and righteousness, the merciful, the pure in heart, peacemakers, those persecuted for doing right.

Kindness is Naturally Evangelistic. Kindness influences others. Why does Jesus continue to influence humanity today? His kindness. The best known stories of Jesus deal in compassion: Feeding five-thousand, The Good Samaritan, Raising Lazarus, His treatment of the adulterous woman, Healing the blind, His forgiving the thief at the cross. We will find going into all the world, making disciples, is much easier among those to whom we have demonstrated our love through kindness.


How do you and I begin to practice this Jesus Style Kindness?...

Start With Small Things. Small gestures of kindness spell the difference between kindness and carelessness. Show me a husband who: Opens doors, helps around the house, buys an occasional gift; a wife who is appreciative, keeps herself well groomed, and is gentle in speech to her husband and I'll show you kindness in action. Kindness is not giving enough to build a hospital. Kindness can be as simple as a visit to the hospital, buying someone a tank of gas, a meal at McDonald's, a bottle of formula at Walgreen's, a word of encouragement, a pat-on-the-back.

Control Our imagination. We allow our imagination to run wild, we see things that are not really there. This kind of thinking stops kindness dead in its tracks. It allows us to make mountains of mole hills. The bullets of imaginary wars always kill expressions of kindness. Jesus selected a Tax Collector, a zealot, a thief, an impetuous mouth. He touched a Leper, honored a harlot for her faith, forgave an adulterer, led a thief to Paradise, and forgave you and me. Let's be careful about placing titles on people that stop our kindness to them.

Take Time For Tenderness. I have it in myself and in you!.... Our saying we don't have the time. Kindness takes time. We are so wrapped up in job, hobbies, sports, and the pursuit of things, power, prestige, that we have no time to demonstrate kindness. Slow down! Like Jesus, we're in the people business! People are time-consuming.

Keep Communication Lines Open. Being kind to others helps keep us talking. It's when we're unkind that communications stop. I suppose that no place is this more important than in our homes. Indeed, it's hard to be kind to those we don't talk to. So, let's settle our differences: "Do not allow the sun to go down while you are angry.”

May God help us make a difference in our world by being more kind.


"I have wept in the night

From the shortness of sight

That to the needs of others made me blind,

But I never have yet had cause to regret

For being a little too kind."


—Randall Caselman