Bella Vista Church of Christ



Kirk Castleman


Great Promises From The Lord


 Read and meditate on John 15.7: “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.” Sometimes we ask “whatever” and feel disappointed because the Lord did not answer like we wanted. Perhaps we need to evaluate our “asking” in the light of our overall, personal relationship with the Lord. There are actually four parts to this promise. Think about each one carefully.


  1. The First Condition: “If you remainin me…” To remain in Christ means to dwell, live, abide, continue, or sojourn. The idea is “to be in close and settled union.” (John 6.56)


  2. The Second Condition: “And my words remain in you.” There can be no personal relationship with Christ without a personal relationship with His words. His words “exist” or are “incarnated” in the child of God. The Bible is not an impersonal book to the Christian; it is a love letter to a lover. It is the cherished, deeply personal communication of our closest friend and companion.


 3. The Third Condition: “Ask whatever you wish.” Because the personal relationship has been established based on His priorities, not ours. Our “wish” is His will, communicated by our “remaining in” Him and His words “living in” us. It is possible to ask with wrong motives (James 4.3), but the obedient will never intentionally violate His will.


4. The Promise: “And it will begiven you.” Remember that the fulfillment can only come if the conditions are met. God will bless us in many ways (Matthew 5.45 – He sends the sun and the rain on us all)... But we need to remember how vital are the conditions before the promise! There is no “works salvation” here, it is all of grace, but He cannot work in lives that are unfaithful and unsubmissive.